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PCs vs. Macs

PCs vs. Macs

Since the 1990s, hardcore PC and Mac users have been waging an epic food fight over which system is better.


In the old days, PC users poked fun at the underpowered processors and buggy software that Mac users had to endure. Mac users needed only to counter with "Windows 98."

Today, the argument is more philosophical: who's good, who's evil, who's more brainwashed.

No side is ever going to win this war, of course, and the rhetoric does little to actually help an average user decide on a new computer and get some work done.

That's unfortunate, because in many ways this is shaping up to be a golden year for buying computers.

Ultrabooks (the PC world's answer to the MacBook Air) are getting better all the time. Models such as the Asus Zenbook and Dell XPS are a credit to the breed. Laptops and desktops are being outfitted with the latest Intel Ivy Bridge chips. And Windows 8, due to ship Oct. 26, promises to turn PC computing on its head.

In the other corner, Apple just turbocharged the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge processors. The flagship 15-inch MacBook Pro also received a retina display, previously available only on the latest generation iPad. iMacs should get a makeover soon. Just think how much more exciting your new iMac would be if it included a retina display. It could happen.

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