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5 easy tricks to boost your home Wi-Fi

It’s easy to take a smoothly functioning home wireless network for granted, especially when you’re sipping coffee on the patio and catching up on the news of the morning with your iPad.


You can faintly hear your family – camped out at the kitchen table – tapping away on keyboards.

All is right with the world.

Few things in digital life are more frustrating, however, than when a home wireless network goes haywire. It’s painfully slow. The signal is weak and connections drop. Your comfy sofa is a Wi-Fi dead spot.

Try these tricks to boost your wireless router’s range and speed – and you’ll soon be taking your Wi-Fi for granted again.

1. Update your technology
If your router, computer and gadgets were made in the last two or three years, they probably support the latest wireless-N standard. If so, make sure your router is set to N-only mode for maximum speed and range. The b/g/n setting – needed to support older devices – will be slower.

If your PC is getting on in years and stuck at wireless-G, consider upgrading to a new model or a new wireless-N card.

Buy a new router if it doesn’t support wireless-N. Chances are, it also doesn’t support the latest security encryption.

Make sure your computer is running the latest version of its operating system and has the latest driver for your router.

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