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7 steps to a flu-free work station

Are you diligent enough about preventing computer viruses?


I talk a lot about the importance of keeping your computer safe from viruses, malware and other things that can expose you and your information to security risks

But today I’m talking about good old-fashioned, low-tech germs. They can shut down your productivity just as quickly as a so-called indestructible computer virus.

It’s that time of year, no matter where you live, when cold- and flu-season is spreading like wildfire. We just experienced a mini-epidemic at our office, complete with both the upper respiratory stuff and the stomach version sweeping through whole departments for days at a time.

There are many ways to disinfect your work space and minimize your exposure when these nasty viruses are spreading. But there’s nothing we touch more than our desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones. I kept hearing the office germophobes say, “Too bad there’s no way to clean a computer.”

Nonsense. Some digital gadgets are easier to disinfect than others, but there’s plenty you can do to lessen your exposure at work. Here are seven steps to a flu-free work station.

1) Attack that germy keyboard and mouse. They get touched the most at work and in your home office. If your keyboard and mouse are wired, unplug them from the computer. If they’re wireless, shut them off and remove the batteries. Then use bleach-free wipes to clean and disinfect the keyboard and mouse. Go over the accessories again with a dry and soft lint-free cloth.

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