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Innovative ways your phone can help you get home safely

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was following you? Or maybe you were out with a group and suddenly found yourself surrounded by strangers. It’s not safe to go for a walk, shop, exercise or drive alone anymore.

You have one gadget that can let others watch over you and in the event of an emergency, summon help. But your phone must have the tools before you need them.

After you read about the tools, take the next step and put them on your phone. It may save your life someday. Be sure to share this article with family and friends, especially anyone living alone and college students. Just remember, nothing is a substitute for common sense and good planning.

Reach out to friends or the local police for help
When you are walking alone, use the Companion app (Apple, Android; Free). The premise is simple, but the execution is genius.

You start by entering your destination. Next, add friends or family members as your companions. Anyone can be a companion. They don’t need to have the app installed on their phone.

Companions receive a text message with a link to an online map showing your destination. The map refreshes as you move and shows your position in relation to your destination. When you arrive safely, your companions receive a confirmation message.

Along the way, if you are uneasy, you can tap the “I feel nervous” button. Your companions get a notification to call you.

If you go off course, fall, start running or suddenly remove your headphones, the app asks if you're all right. You have 15 seconds to press a button saying you're fine.

If you don't push the “I’m Okay” button, the app sounds an alarm and gives you the option to contact the police.

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