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3 scary eBay scams costing shoppers

3 scary eBay scams costing shoppers

People expect to find amazing deals on eBay, but that just makes it harder for them to spot the deals that are “too good to be true.” That’s why eBay is also an ideal platform for scammers.

Here are three eBay scams taking place across the country. Read on so you don’t become a victim.

1. No product, no refund

Fox 17 in West Michigan recently shared the story of Bob Masters, who was searching for unique tools when he stumbled across the perfect listing from an eBay seller.
A few things were suspicious, but nothing was implausible. The posting said the parts, which were listed well below market value, were in China and would need to be shipped overseas. Masters felt he was getting a good deal and purchased the tools.

When they didn’t arrive, Masters assumed they had been lost in shipping. He reached out to the seller, who offered to send him a replacement.
When that shipment didn’t arrive, either, Masters reached out again to the seller, who told him he had been issued a refund and should confirm that the payment had arrived in his PayPal account. But the payment wasn't there.

The back-and-forth between Masters and the seller played out for months, and by the time Masters realized he wasn't getting his tools or his money back, it was too late for eBay to get involved.

eBay offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but that didn't help Masters. PayPal recently extended its time limit, allowing users up to six months to dispute a charge on their account. But the scam works because the deadlines may have passed before you realize it's happening. In the end, there was nothing Masters could do to reclaim his money.

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