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5 smart home gadgets to create your home of the future

5 smart home gadgets to create your home of the future
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Any homeowner knows that a lot of free time goes into taking care of your house. But what if your house could take care of you? That's the dream of the "smart home," and while there's no true sci-fi intelligent homes that can do everything you need, we're getting closer.

Every day, an average 5.5 million smart devices are being connected in homes around the world, according to research firm Gartner. It further estimates there will be 6.4 billion of these "Internet of Things" devices by year's end, and 20.8 billion IoT devices by 2020. If you want to get in on the ground floor, here are some gadgets you can buy today.

1. Tech to help you sleep better

There's been an explosion of gadgets that are designed to monitor your sleep and help you improve it. The market for these gadgets is headed for more than $125 million in 2017.

Sense ($129), for example, is a little orb that sits in your room monitoring noise, light, temperature, humidity and air particles, and can wake you up at the ideal part of your sleep cycle. A tiny clip attached to your pillow tracks your movements. In the morning, it can tell you through an Apple app how much sleep you really got, and if something in your environment is disturbing your rest.

Some similar monitors include Beddit ($149), which also tracks your heart rate and breathing, and SleepRate ($100), which has an app full of useful information plus a wearable heart rate sensor. Withings Aura ($189.95) is another gadget that not only monitors your sleep, but it cycles through light and sound programs to try and improve your sleep. Learn about other sleep trackers, including smartphone apps and smart mattresses.

These products mostly stand alone, but an upcoming sensor from Samsung called SleepSense will link up with Samsung's SmartThings Hub. When SleepSense detects that you're asleep it will turn off the lights and TV, and crank up the A/C. When you wake up, it'll turn on the coffee maker.

Note: Some fitness trackers that you wear around your wrist or clip onto your clothes monitor how well you sleep. Before you buy one, check out the exclusive Komando Fitness Tracker Comparison Chart.

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