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5 Windows 10 tricks you need to know

5 Windows 10 tricks you need to know

Windows 10 is now installed on more than 200 million gadgets worldwide. That's quite a feat in the tech world since its official release was only 6 months ago on July 29, 2015. If your computer is one of those gadgets, you've probably found Windows 10 has its share of sheer winning features and, unfortunately, very frustrating steps.

Of course, getting used to a new operating system always takes time and effort. You have to relearn tricks, find where familiar items have moved or change things around to suit your style of computing. Let me help you along with a few insider tips on taking control of the new Start menu, improving privacy, finding the traditional Control Panel, cutting down on annoying notifications and more.

One of the biggest problems with Windows 10's predecessor, Windows 8, was the lack of a Start menu. Instead, Microsoft replaced it with a touch-friendly Start screen that left desktop and laptop users with a mouse and keyboard out in the cold.

Microsoft wisely elected to bring back the Start menu for Windows 10. This time, it incorporates great features of the Start screen, such as "live tiles" for getting information from apps without opening them.

When you first install Windows 10, your Start menu has programs on the left with app icons on the right. Some app icons are "live tiles" that update with new information, such as the current weather, new messages and more, automatically.

Of course, you might not want these hogging up space if you don't use them, or you want your own app or program icons there. Fortunately, customizing is simple and flexible.

Simply right-click on any App icon to resize it or unpin it from the Start Menu. Selecting "Unpin from Start" takes it away. You can also uninstall programs with a right-click as well.

To add an app to the tile area, click and drag its icon from the left column or right-click on an app icon and choose "Pin to Start."

Once the icon is located in the right-hand area, drag it around to exactly where you want. Putting icons close together lets you group them. You can name groups whatever you want, and move groups around by clicking the icon with the horizontal lines next to the name. Give it a shot and you'll see it's super easy.

Don't forget you can click and drag the edges of the Start menu to make it larger or smaller. You can have it take up most of the screen, or very little space at all. It's your choice.

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