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Simple ways to save big money on a smartphone and cellular plan

Buying a new smartphone or cellular plan is a major headache, with smartphones released monthly and carriers continually adjusting their plans to entice consumers. You could spend a solid week visiting every carrier website looking at plans, working out costs, doing phone comparisons and hunting for deals. Trust me, I've done it myself, and even a basic comparison took hours.

Even worse, if you get it wrong you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year you don't need to. Fortunately, there is another way to scope out your options thanks to sites online that bring together all the information you need in one place.


One good site that's been around for nearly two decades is MyRatePlan. It helps you find the best of everything from credit cards to Internet service and travel to phone plans. In this case, you want to look under the "Cell Phones & Plans" section.

To find a plan, simply select the phone you want (or you can leave it blank), the amount of minutes, messages and data you want, and the number of lines you need. Then click the "Show my plans" button to get dozens of results from major carriers and even no-contract smaller carriers. You can further filter the results by carrier, adjust the information you started with, or sort by price, minutes, data, deals and more.

Not sure what phone to get? MyRatePlan has a cell comparison feature. Simply select the brands and carriers you like and you can see what phones are available to you. Most carriers are going to have the same high-end phones like the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy 6S, but if you're after less-expensive phones, it varies wildly by carrier. Check out our smartphone comparison charts to get a better idea of which phone is right for you.

MyRatePlan also has other tools like coverage maps, a termination fee calculator and buying advice. You can also get more information on the most popular phones at the moment, or see the latest deals on specific phones.

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