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Windows XP: It's time to say good-bye

I've got to tell it to you straight. If you're still on an old computer running the Windows XP operating system, D-Day is at hand. And by "D" I mean "dump it."

I understand if you don't want to face this. You have a computer and the setup works for you. Sure it's a bit clunky, but you don't want to switch. Why waste money on a new computer? I feel your pain.

Here's the deal. Microsoft is abandoning Windows XP on April 8, 2014. When you hear that euphemistic phrase "end-of-life," it means a lot of things. The big ones are no operating system fixes and no defenses against viruses and other online dangers. For more about the other things it means, click here for a tip that explains it all.

Since the end of Microsoft's security updates is big news, hackers and scammers are going to be targeting computers still using XP. You're going to be very, very vulnerable.

Now, if you use an XP computer to, say, write a book or manage your photos and you never connect to the Internet, you should be fine. (Do please remember that your computer is quite old and could die at any moment, so you'd better have your files backed up!)

If you have an XP computer and just browse the Internet occasionally, without the use of passwords for anything ever, you're probably fine as well.

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