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Buying a tablet

Buying a tablet

Tablets are taking over the computing industry. For media consumption and light computing tasks, they're easier to use and more convenient than computers. However, choosing the right one can still be confusing.


The best tablet for you depends on how you plan to use it. Will it primarily be for media consumption, business or playing games? Do you want it to be safe and unchangeable or customizable? Keep these questions in mind before heading to the store.

Apple iPad

The iPad is the tablet that started it all, and it's my personal favorite. The gadget, now in its 5th generation, continues the tradition of excellence.

Apple has dubbed it the iPad Air, a reference to the MacBook Air. Like the Air laptop, the iPad Air is thinner, lighter and sleeker than its predecessors, weighing in at less than a pound.

It has a high-grade aluminum body with ultrathin side bezels surrounding the standard 9.7-inch Retina display.

Despite its smaller size it packs more speed thanks to the new A7 64-bit processor from the iPhone 5s. Apple says it's eight times faster than the original iPad.

The new, high-powered processor and graphics system allow gamers and content creators more flexibility on the go. Gamers can download apps that rival home game consoles. Content creators have access to video editing, photo editing and drawing apps that nearly match computer-based programs.

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