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Google's mobile app brings change you're looking for - Here's what's new

You have to check this out! Browsing the web just got easier, especially when you're not exactly sure what you're looking for. Google's redesigned...
Apps March 27, 2017

Chrome on your mobile gadget

Google Chrome is one of the world's popular web browsers. Why? Well, it's easy to use, it's fast and secure and it has add-ons...
Apps March 6, 2017

3 great apps to tune up your smartphone

For many people, their smartphones are their world. You can use them for almost anything - shopping, getting directions, checking email, keeping in touch...
Apps February 23, 2017

Scan any document with your phone and save it to the cloud

Scan any document with your smartphone and save it as a PDF file to the cloud. Plus, you can scan QR codes, to access...
Apps February 12, 2017

Sync your phone with your PC

I'm on my smartphone all the time, but that means I'm constantly emailing myself links and images I'd like on my computer. Do you...
Apps January 26, 2017

Take control of all your apps - this app does it all

Have you ever heard that acronym for TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More? Well, the same is true for the apps on your phone. When...
Apps January 12, 2017

Find someone to shovel snow from your driveway

It's cold outside, and winter snow storms are on their way! It makes me glad that I live in Phoenix. But for those of...
Apps January 9, 2017

Free voice and video calling

Wouldn't you love to make free phone calls? Of course you would. Who would say no to a cheaper phone bill?
Apps December 2, 2016

Easiest way to browse millions of jobs

Looking to make the jump to a new job? Indeed claims to be the biggest job site in the world, with about 800,000 new...
Apps November 4, 2016

Powerful free network analyzer and tool

Consider what is connected to your network. There is your computer, tablet, phone, and television, for starters. Add to this the surge in internet-connected...
Apps September 29, 2016

Free Microsoft Office for your smartphone and tablet

Need to view, create or edit Office documents on the go? The official Microsoft Office apps are here.
Apps September 2, 2016

See in the dark using thermal heat maps

Have you ever wished that you could see in the dark? Night vision may not be something we were born with, but new technology...
Apps August 11, 2016

Measure anything with your smartphone or tablet camera

Need to measure something and don't have a ruler? This app makes taking measurements a snap.
Apps August 10, 2016

Turn your phone into a magnifying glass

You don't have to be a detective to use a magnifying glass to look for clues. You might want to read something that's too...
Apps August 1, 2016

Get a mover and be a mover using your own truck

Moving? Order a furniture mover right from your gadget.
Apps May 14, 2016

A mobile monitor for your security system

Whether you use them as baby monitors or security systems, IP cameras are pretty nifty gadgets. What if you can't get to a computer...
Apps May 2, 2016

Get 5 times more data with this free app

Going over your smartphone data limit? This app can get you more data for free!
Apps March 13, 2016

Track a stolen mobile device

Don't let your smartphone or tablet go missing without some backup! This app will safeguard your device and your data.
Apps March 7, 2016

Organize all your bills wherever you go

Paying bills is never fun, but that doesn't mean keeping them organized has to be hard.
Apps January 31, 2016

Organize your day with one app for all your emails, calendars, and documents

See all your emails, calendars, documents, and spreadsheets from one mobile app.
Apps January 20, 2016
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