Video in Apps

Finally! A better way to watch YouTube

When YouTube first launched, few people believed it would become the mega-site it is now. But even with all of its perks, there's still...
Apps March 16, 2017

One video editing app everyone needs

One of the most fun things about digital photography and videos is that it's so easy to snap photos and log a few minutes...
Apps February 19, 2017

3 Amazon apps all shoppers need

Amazon has changed the way millions of people shop, but if you're not using these apps, you're missing out. Some will help you shop,...
Apps February 6, 2017

How to turn YouTube into the ultimate music player

There's never been a better time for music lovers. With so many options to stream music like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora, an entire...
Apps February 1, 2017

The most exciting apps from 2016

Visit the App Store for a few minutes and you can go cross-eyed from all the different options. You can sift through thousands of...
Apps December 26, 2016

MORE art filters for your photos and videos

There's a brand new app that can turn your photos and videos into masterpieces, and all it takes is a few simple taps. Give...
Apps November 7, 2016

Turn your phone or tablet into a smart remote

What's in your entertainment center? There's probably a TV, maybe a DVD or Blu-ray player and the set-top cable box. Then, if you have...
Apps September 29, 2016

Chat face to face with just one tap

So many companies are working on virtual reality headsets that will project our presence into far away places. Being there, without really being there,...
Apps September 7, 2016

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a handheld TV

The way we watch TV and movies is dramatically changing by the day. Millions of folks are turning to streaming services instead of using...
Apps August 15, 2016

Look! My studios have been invaded by Pokemon

The Studios have been invaded by pocket monsters! These "Pokémon," as they're better known, have been interacting with our staff over the past...
Apps July 13, 2016

Five tricks to become a Pokémon Go Master

Now that you’ve got Pokémon go you might be a little confused. There’s a lot to take in, but we’ve got five tips you...
Apps July 12, 2016

How to play Pokémon Go

Chances are your kids or grand kids have dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer at one point. Now, they have the opportunity to be...
Apps July 12, 2016

Turn your photos into amazing black and white works of art

We all love sharing our photos, but we usually edit them before they make the rounds to friends, family, or co-workers. A little red eye...
Apps April 1, 2016

An easy-to-use photo editor from Google

Photographs are memories you'll have forever, so you'll want to make sure that all of your photos look their best. Fortunately, there are hundreds...
Apps April 1, 2016

Remote camera monitoring

Keep an eye on your home while you are away.
Apps March 4, 2016

Easily personalize your smartphone with ringtones and wallpapers

Your smartphone is a very, very personal gadget. It has your private text messages and emails, photos of your family and friends, connections to all...
Apps January 24, 2016

Easily create, edit and share videos

Easily create and edit your videos. Add music and text, then share it on Facebook and other social media sites.
Apps December 24, 2015

A high-powered photo-editing app for Apple gadgets

As the old saying goes, "a photo is worth a thousand words." But with the right photo editor, they could be worth a hundred thousand words...
Apps December 10, 2015

Make videos pop by dimming the rest of your screen

Dim your screen except for the video you're watching.
Apps October 30, 2015

Watch all your favorite sports shows and select games

It's a tough time for sports fans. Watching all your favorite games online either means paying hundreds a month for a subscription or risking...
Apps October 8, 2015
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