Students and Education in Apps

Take a journey through space with this free app

As the 2017 solar eclipse draws closer, your curiosity about space is likely growing too. Learning more about our solar system is a great...
Apps June 22, 2017

Learn a new language with quick lessons and games

Picking up a new language can be difficult. There's vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and so many other elements you need to understand to master...
Apps June 4, 2017

Free interactive eBooks help you learn anything

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, become a masterchef in the kitchen, take professional photos, or just boost your...
Apps May 16, 2017

Learn a new language the easy way

Want to learn a new language, but find the process intimidating? I have good news! You don't have to block out hours upon hours...
Apps April 25, 2017

New app can save your college student a bundle on books

Tuition is only one expense you have to consider when sending your kids off to college. The cost of textbooks is often forgotten, but...
Apps March 23, 2017

Scan any document with your phone and save it to the cloud

Scan any document with your smartphone and save it as a PDF file to the cloud. Plus, you can scan QR codes, to access...
Apps February 12, 2017

Quick way to solve any math problem using your phone's camera

For most of us, math is tricky. Carrying a calculator around everywhere just isn't practical, and the calculator app on your phone still makes...
Apps November 14, 2016

Free Microsoft Office for your smartphone and tablet

Need to view, create or edit Office documents on the go? The official Microsoft Office apps are here.
Apps September 2, 2016

Organize your day with one app for all your emails, calendars, and documents

See all your emails, calendars, documents, and spreadsheets from one mobile app.
Apps January 20, 2016

Create a beautiful publication, report or school project in minutes

Easily create beautiful newsletters, greeting cards, invitations, brochures, school reports, and much more.
Apps January 18, 2016

Make learning fun with curated lessons from friends and experts

Looking for somewhere to stash all of the informative articles you find online? This app lets you organize your favorites by categories, and search...
Apps January 7, 2016

A fun way to learn languages for free

Want to learn a new language? This app has everything you need.
Apps December 17, 2015

Unleash your inner sports fan with this awesome app

In the past proving you were a diehard college football fan was challenging. But now, it's easy. With this new app, you can paint...
Apps November 20, 2015

Never be scared to walk home alone again with this safety buddy app

Scared to walk home alone at night? This app gives you a safety buddy.
Apps September 14, 2015

Be in control of your little one's gadget use

Easily monitor your child's online activity, all from the convenience of your own smartphone or tablet.
Apps September 7, 2015

A super-easy way to learn coding

Want to get started with programming? This fun game creator lets you have fun while you learn.
Apps June 12, 2015

Search privately on your tablet or phone

Search the Web with a site that doesn't track you or give away your information!
Apps March 31, 2015

Learn the stock market while having fun

Playing the stock market at its heart is like playing a game. It's a complicated game, but a game nonetheless. And some app developers...
Apps February 26, 2015

Become the best stock trader

Before you jump into the real stock market, try your hand at investing with this trading app game.
Apps February 26, 2015

Learn how the stock market works

Trying to figure out the stock market isn't easy, but it is possible with a stock market simulator in your pocket.
Apps February 26, 2015
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