Social Networking in Apps

Save time managing your social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - There are so many social media platforms out there. Keeping all of them updated can be a real pain,...
Apps April 18, 2017

Apple's fun new app lets you edit and share videos

One of the most fun ways to express yourself is with a video. But putting the perfect clip together can be time consuming. Apple's...
Apps April 9, 2017

Every photo app you've ever needed combined into one

I love making my photos more unique before I post them on Instagram. I use an app to crop and brighten photos. Another app...
Apps April 9, 2017

App solves the "Where should we eat" dilemma

Want to get out of the house tonight? Maybe try a new place to eat? This app makes it easy to see if any...
Apps March 26, 2017

One video editing app everyone needs

One of the most fun things about digital photography and videos is that it's so easy to snap photos and log a few minutes...
Apps February 19, 2017

On-the-go traffic, weather, safety alerts and more

Get traffic, weather and money-saving deals no matter where you are with a single app.
Apps April 30, 2016

Stay connected with family and friends using this refreshingly simple app

If you could design the perfect social media platform, what would it look like? Facebook is great for staying connected with your family and friends,...
Apps January 21, 2016

Perfect your selfies with this app's object removal and skin smoothing tools

You take great photos, but don't you wish you could make them perfect without extensive editing? Now you can. We've got the app that's...
Apps December 29, 2015

See what you were doing this day last year

What were you doing on this day last year? How about this day five years ago? Timehop will show you.
Apps December 3, 2015

New Facebook app alerts you to only news headlines you care about

Get news alerts from your favorites sources on Facebook's newest stand-alone app.
Apps December 1, 2015

Get the Facebook app that uses less data

Facebook can gobble up a good chunk of your data. Get the lite version of Faceboook so you can save your data and storage.
Apps November 18, 2015

Great browser for Android phones now available for your iPhone

It's finally here! iPhone users finally can browse the Web using Mozilla Firefox.
Apps November 16, 2015

Apple wants you to find your friends

Trying to meet up with your friends but don't know where they are? This app will tell you in a second.
Apps October 29, 2015

Get the news you want before you even look for it

The perfect app for news junkies who want to be first to a story.
Apps October 22, 2015

Stop regrettable social media posts from ruining your life

Questionable posts on social media sites will come back to haunt you. Here's how to clean up your accounts.
Apps October 20, 2015

A fun and easy way to keep track of your prayers

Things can seem a little rough from time to time, but when we ask God to help out with things we just can't seem...
Apps September 19, 2015

This popular messaging app incorporates music, games, shopping and more

Which messaging app should you use? The competition is fierce. This app ups the game by including music, games, shopping and more.
Apps August 23, 2015

Get a date for you and your dog

Get a date for you and your dog by using this new dating site for dogs and their owners.
Apps July 28, 2015

Facebook — The essential app

Want to check the most popular social network on your smartphone or tablet? Be sure you have the app.
Apps June 2, 2015

A new dating app with an old-fashioned twist

Most online dating sites and apps encourage you make snap decisions about whether you like someone based on how they look or their interests....
Apps May 7, 2015
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