Security in Apps

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I have some great news! You listen to my show, subscribe to my free podcasts and stay up to date on - but...
Apps March 2, 2017

3 great apps to tune up your smartphone

For many people, their smartphones are their world. You can use them for almost anything - shopping, getting directions, checking email, keeping in touch...
Apps February 23, 2017

Best apps to keep your family safe

It's a big scary world out there, especially for us parents. There are a million different things you could worry about at any given...
Apps February 20, 2017

Find your lost iPhone or iPad

Having a missing smartphone or tablet is the worst. Not only are they expensive, they likely have a lot of your personal information on...
Apps December 8, 2016

A safer way to use Craigslist

With the numerous scams spreading around, buying and selling items on Craigslist can be nerve wracking. You just never know who you’re going to...
Apps October 31, 2016

Make your home smoke detector clever with an old smartphone, for free

Recycling your old smartphone has never been a better idea. But what can you do with it? Here's one thing you've probably never thought...
Apps September 26, 2016

Have you been hacked? This app can tell you

It's a sad reality that's been coming to a head for years now. An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked each and every day. What does...
Apps August 29, 2016

3 apps to block annoying callers

Robocalls and telemarketers are annoying no matter when they call. But did you know you can actually stop them? I've got three apps that...
Apps August 8, 2016

Great tactic to block spam calls on your smartphone

No one wants to answer a call from a telemarketer. Even if you’ve added your number to the Do Not Call List, many of...
Apps June 20, 2016

4 apps that stop texting and driving

What can you do to prevent texting and driving and other distractions, especially for your teens hitting the road? You can't take away their...
Apps May 26, 2016

Turn your Apple gadget into a motion-activated security camera

Turn your Apple smartphone or tablet into a security camera for free with this handy app.
Apps April 15, 2016

Turn your Android gadget into a motion-activated security camera

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a security camera for free with this handy app.
Apps April 10, 2016

Make a home inventory the easy way

Don't wait another minute! This app can help you recover your valuables in case of a home disaster.
Apps March 21, 2016

Track or wipe your lost or stolen gadget

Your smartphone or tablet can be lost or stolen at any time. Plan ahead with this powerful tracker.
Apps February 8, 2016

Secure your mobile Wi-Fi devices

Did you know your phone could be at risk from hackers? Make sure your data is safe; plus gain access to geographically restricted sites...
Apps January 19, 2016

Hide your ID online while gaining access to international content

Hide your ID online. Bonus: Trick your digital device into thinking you're in another country, so you can read and watch all the content...
Apps January 13, 2016

Prepare for El Nino and other disasters with the official FEMA app

When El Nino hits, you'll want to be prepared. Download the FEMA app for everything you need to prepare for the worst.
Apps November 19, 2015

This app stops other apps from violating your privacy

An app created to alert you if other apps violate your privacy and security.
Apps November 18, 2015

Scan your Android gadget for security flaws

It's a fact that Android is less secure than Apple's iOS overall. One reason is because manufacturers can add their own apps and changes...
Apps November 5, 2015

Stop regrettable social media posts from ruining your life

Questionable posts on social media sites will come back to haunt you. Here's how to clean up your accounts.
Apps October 20, 2015
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