Photo and Music in Apps

Identify those mystery plants with this handy app

Have you ever been out on a hike or in the garden and discovered a plant you didn't recognize? Is it a flower, or...
Apps May 22, 2017

Turn your smartphone into a body-worn video camera

Most new gadgets come equipped with front and rear-facing cameras that take amazing pictures. However, your smartphone camera can be used for more important...
Apps May 18, 2017

Send a last-minute gift with the tap of a button

Do you ever procrastinate when it comes to shopping for gifts? With so many holidays and birthdays to keep track of it can be...
Apps May 7, 2017

Every photo app you've ever needed combined into one

I love making my photos more unique before I post them on Instagram. I use an app to crop and brighten photos. Another app...
Apps April 9, 2017

Measure anything with your smartphone or tablet camera

Need to measure something and don't have a ruler? This app makes taking measurements a snap.
Apps April 2, 2017

Apps to get the best musical experience

All anybody seems to be talking about lately is streaming, and with good reason! The days of vinyl records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, CDs, even...
Apps February 26, 2017

One video editing app everyone needs

One of the most fun things about digital photography and videos is that it's so easy to snap photos and log a few minutes...
Apps February 19, 2017

How to make fun and easy animations

Instead of just watching cartoons, your kids and grandkids can create their own! There's a new app developed by Google Inc. that lets children...
Apps January 19, 2017

Easiest way to scan and save your old photos

You probably have photo albums and shoeboxes full of old print photos. If you take care of them, they should last a while, but...
Apps January 6, 2017

The most exciting apps from 2016

Visit the App Store for a few minutes and you can go cross-eyed from all the different options. You can sift through thousands of...
Apps December 26, 2016

Turn your smartphone or tablet into an instrument tuner

One thing you don't want to hassle with is carrying around a tuner. Even though they're not nearly as bulky as they used to...
Apps December 14, 2016

Quick and convenient way to transfer files

How many of you have ever emailed a file - like a photo or a document - to your Mac from your iPhone or...
Apps December 13, 2016

MORE art filters for your photos and videos

There's a brand new app that can turn your photos and videos into masterpieces, and all it takes is a few simple taps. Give...
Apps November 7, 2016

Take gorgeous food photos with this camera app

There's greasy fast food, there are delicious home-cooked meals, and then there are fancy desserts. There are also those nights out where you get an amazing...
Apps September 7, 2016

Stunning filters turn your photos into works of Picasso, Rembrandt and more

There's a brand new app that can turn your photos into works of art. Give your photos a whole new look with filters inspired...
Apps September 7, 2016

3 new apps that make your smartphone photos pop

From making moving photos to adding filters that turn them into instant works of art, I've found three new apps that demonstrate how the...
Apps July 18, 2016

Easy way to save and share your print photos

here's an app built to make preserving print photos a snap, literally. It's called Heirloom and you just have to take a picture of...
Apps May 19, 2016

4 great photo-editing apps you don't want to miss

There are loads of great photography apps you can use with your smartphone and tablet's camera. Here are some of our favorites.
Apps April 4, 2016

Turn your photos into amazing black and white works of art

We all love sharing our photos, but we usually edit them before they make the rounds to friends, family, or co-workers. A little red eye...
Apps April 1, 2016

An easy-to-use photo editor from Google

Photographs are memories you'll have forever, so you'll want to make sure that all of your photos look their best. Fortunately, there are hundreds...
Apps April 1, 2016
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