Going Out and Entertainment in Apps

App solves the "Where should we eat" dilemma

Want to get out of the house tonight? Maybe try a new place to eat? This app makes it easy to see if any...
Apps March 26, 2017

Make extra money renting out your outdoor toys

Everyone loves to have a little bit of extra fun money. But how do you go about making that extra fun money? If you've got...
Apps August 5, 2016

Get free movie tickets with this new app

This summer, take some time to cool off in a nice, heavily-air-conditioned movie theater ... and for free. Sounds good to me! There's a...
Apps July 5, 2016

Make dinner reservations on the go

What's the worst part of eating out? Waiting for a table. I always try to make reservations so I can show up and sit...
Apps March 5, 2016

New Scrabble-esque game is hours of fun

New Scrabble-esque game is hours of fun!
Apps January 8, 2016

Find vegetarian restaurants near you

If you're a vegan or vegetarian, this app helps you track down places to eat.
Apps December 10, 2015

Easily get your friends and family together for events

Easily get your friends and family together for events with this handy app from Microsoft's Garage project.
Apps October 29, 2015

Listen to hours of great podcasts

Need something to listen to? Here's an app with hours of great, free podcasts for you to enjoy.
Apps October 25, 2015

Find out if your TV show or favorite movie is streaming

Want to cut the cord on cable? This site tells you what shows are streaming on which services, so you won't miss out on...
Apps October 2, 2015

Find kindred spirits near you

Finding something productive to do with your time that's something you're actually interested in doing can be a challenge. If you're tired of watching...
Apps October 1, 2015

Stream more than 400,000 TV shows and movies with Amazon Prime

Watch free streaming movies and TV shows with the Amazon Instant Video app.
Apps September 18, 2015

The birds are back and they're angrier than ever

The Angry Birds are back and angrier than ever with the much anticipated sequel to the first mobile mega-hit game.
Apps August 21, 2015

An app to navigate the happiest place on Earth

If you're going to Disneyland, you need the official app.
Apps August 20, 2015

Get personalized alerts on your phone for almost anything

This app sends you customized alerts chosen from more than a million options.
Apps August 18, 2015

What should you watch on Netflix?

With thousands of titles available, it's not easy to pick out what to watch on Netflix. Let this app help you decide.
Apps August 13, 2015

Find the best happy hours near you

Feeling thirsty? Use this app to find the best happy hour deals near you.
Apps July 23, 2015

The force is strong with the official Star Wars app

Have you caught Star Wars fever? The force is strong with this official app.
Apps July 21, 2015

Personalized news just for you

Now there's an app that bring you the stories that you actually want to read based on your interests. Click here to check it...
Apps July 19, 2015

Get the best military discounts

Any former or current military personnel can look up the best meal discounts around them with this cool app.
Apps July 12, 2015

Find restaurant deals for kids

Save tons of money on eating out by finding restaurants around town that offer deals on kids meals.
Apps July 5, 2015
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