Family and Parenting in Apps

Parental control app lets you set healthy boundaries for kids

Too much screen time is a huge problem with kids, and it's one that all parents face. But now there's a way to end...
Apps March 20, 2017

Finally! A better way to watch YouTube

When YouTube first launched, few people believed it would become the mega-site it is now. But even with all of its perks, there's still...
Apps March 16, 2017

See what your kids are doing on their phones and find their GPS location

It's imperative that parents set clear rules about technology use and talk to their kids about online safety. With that said, it's also a...
Apps March 12, 2017

Best apps to keep your family safe

It's a big scary world out there, especially for us parents. There are a million different things you could worry about at any given...
Apps February 20, 2017

One video editing app everyone needs

One of the most fun things about digital photography and videos is that it's so easy to snap photos and log a few minutes...
Apps February 19, 2017

New video messaging app everybody's using, and you should too

Video messaging is an easy way to keep in touch with your friends and family. But finding the right messaging app is the first...
Apps February 13, 2017

Fast, free and simple way to share your GPS location

How often do you hear the question, where are you? When you're in a new and unfamiliar place, trying to describe your location and...
Apps January 25, 2017

How to make fun and easy animations

Instead of just watching cartoons, your kids and grandkids can create their own! There's a new app developed by Google Inc. that lets children...
Apps January 19, 2017

Easiest way to scan and save your old photos

You probably have photo albums and shoeboxes full of old print photos. If you take care of them, they should last a while, but...
Apps January 6, 2017

Turn your smartphone or tablet into an instrument tuner

One thing you don't want to hassle with is carrying around a tuner. Even though they're not nearly as bulky as they used to...
Apps December 14, 2016

Turn your tablet into a phone and get free calls and texts

As convenient as it is to have a cellphone, wouldn't it be nice to have an alternative option? I've found an app that lets...
Apps November 28, 2016

Quick way to solve any math problem using your phone's camera

For most of us, math is tricky. Carrying a calculator around everywhere just isn't practical, and the calculator app on your phone still makes...
Apps November 14, 2016

One faith-based app you don't want to be without

Whether you're an avid Bible reader or just read a few inspirational verses here and there, you've got to try this amazing app. You're...
Apps July 27, 2016

Stay safe wherever you go with an app that's tailor-made for travel

Don't let bad weather or political riots ruin your next trip. Download this free app, and you'll always know what lies ahead when you...
Apps June 22, 2016

One app you need in an emergency

There are plenty of fitness trackers, smartwatches with fitness tracking, and fitness apps for your phone that make sure you're staying active and in...
Apps June 10, 2016

4 apps that stop texting and driving

What can you do to prevent texting and driving and other distractions, especially for your teens hitting the road? You can't take away their...
Apps May 26, 2016

Make a home inventory the easy way

Don't wait another minute! This app can help you recover your valuables in case of a home disaster.
Apps March 21, 2016

Parental control app lets you monitor your kids wherever they go

Monitor your child's location, Internet activity, messages, call logs and more with the FamilyTime Parental Control app.
Apps February 15, 2016

Take charge of your finances with this 'back to basics' budgeting app

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? This budgeting app makes it simple to spend less, save more and regain control over your finances.
Apps January 27, 2016

Get your medical records right from the source

Your doctor has your complete medial history, but that doesn't help you much when you're trying to remember what shots and procedures you've had....
Apps January 25, 2016
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