Cooking in Apps

350,000 free recipes to use up Thanksgiving leftovers

Tired of the same old traditional Thanksgiving dishes? You're in luck. Now you have access to hundreds of thousands of recipes. We bet you'll...
Apps November 24, 2016

One time-saving app every grocery shopper must check out

Remember when making a grocery list required a pen and paper? Those days are long gone thanks to an app that helps you create...
Apps November 21, 2016

5 apps that give you free food when you sign up

Here are five apps that offer free food. What is not to like about that? Thanks to our researchers at, now you know!
Apps September 19, 2016

Take gorgeous food photos with this camera app

There's greasy fast food, there are delicious home-cooked meals, and then there are fancy desserts. There are also those nights out where you get an amazing...
Apps September 7, 2016

15,000 free recipes from an iconic cookbook

Betty Crocker has been been creating recipes since the 1920s, including those published in "Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book." First published in 1950, it's...
Apps January 22, 2016

Know what foods to avoid in the grocery store

Concerned about what's in the food you buy? With this app, just scan the barcode and avoid whatever you don't want to consume -...
Apps September 22, 2015

Get connected to tasty drinks from Coca-Cola

Get connected to Coca-Cola Freestyle machines to make your own tasty and unique drinks.
Apps August 28, 2015

Get paid to eat well

There are so many tools out there to keep your eating healthy and on the right track. Now I have another great app that...
Apps June 28, 2015

Use your iPhone or iPad as a digital scale

Never guesstimate measurements again! With the Cool App you can perfect your recipes when you're in the kitchen.
Apps June 18, 2015

Support your favorite local restaurants

With this cool app you can support your favorite local restaurants, prepay for easy shopping and give the gift of food to your loved...
Apps June 15, 2015

Reduce food waste and stretch your budget

Don't waste food or money. Use this app to tell how long certain foods are good for.
Apps May 19, 2015

A fantastic recipe app you need to get

I've found a powerful search app that pulls information for the top recipe sites so you'll never eat a boring meal again!
Apps April 16, 2015

Get wine and spirits delivered to your front door

Lift your spirits and have wine, liquor and beer delivered right to your front door with no hassles.
Apps February 13, 2015

A great kitchen companion from Microsoft

Get the kitchen companion you didn't know you always needed.
Apps January 30, 2015

A personal wine expert, in your smartphone or tablet

You'll need a little cheese to go with this wine app. Find everything out about a wine in seconds just by snapping a pic...
Apps December 29, 2014

Healthy eating made simple

If your New Year's resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight, have I got the app for you.
Apps December 8, 2014

An app to replace a trip to the grocery store

Don't go to the grocery store, bring the grocery store to you with the help of one handy app.
Apps December 2, 2014

Dietary needs? This makes it simple to stick to your diet when ordering out

Just because you're ordering out doesn't mean you can't be healthy. This app helps you order healthy meals from your favorite restaurants.
Apps November 24, 2014

Order takeout from your favorite restaurants

Calling in take-out orders are a thing of the past. Order your food directly with an app.
Apps November 17, 2014

15,000 free delicious recipes

Save over 15,000 great recipes right to your iPad.
Apps October 10, 2014
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