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5 weather apps everyone needs this winter

Winter is here in full force. It's the time of year, depending on your location, that a snow storm could fall upon us at a moment's notice.

It's important to know what the weather conditions are going to be at any given moment. Outdoor elements can affect nearly everything that we do. From how we dress, to if we even leave the house.

With all of the helpful weather apps available, there's no need to be caught off guard.

Here are some of our favorite weather apps that will help you always be prepared.

Weather Underground

There is a built-in weather app on all iPhones and most Android gadgets. However, they don't necessarily have all of the features you want or need.

With the Weather Underground app, you will get all the typical features plus a long list of others.


Simply drop a pin in your neighborhood on the interactive Weather Underground app and you'll see all the best weather data you can imagine, including:

  • hour-by-hour and 10-day forecasts
  • current conditions
  • actual temperature
  • "feels like" temp
  • wind speed and direction
  • today's rain accumulation
  • chance of precipitation
  • humidity
  • dew point
  • visibility
  • pressure
  • air quality and UV risk
  • radar
  • satellite maps
  • heat maps
  • crowd reports
  • ski reports
  • sunrise and sunset times
  • daily weather summaries

You can compare today's weather against historical data, and there's also a handy Health section that lets you monitor local flu outbreaks. Keep an eye on global storms, too, with the Tropical Storm section and sign up for alerts when extreme weather is on the way. Watch the storms with one of the many real-time weather web cams, thumb through hundreds of gorgeous weather photos, listen to weather radio and have access to many more online resources.

Weather Underground also gives you choices for customizable widgets, which will let you get all your important info at a glance on your home page.

Click here for the free iOS app.

Click here for the free Android app.

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