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How to print from your tablet or phone

How to print from your tablet or phone
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Have you ditched your computer for a tablet? More and more people all over the country are. They're finding that tablets and smartphones can handle basic computer tasks and then some. Plus you just can't beat the ease and portability compared to a traditional desktop or even a typical laptop.

But one problem area is printing. Even in our digital age, chances are, sooner or later you will need to print something on actual paper. It could be a boarding pass or perhaps a document that you have to sign by hand. At first, it may seem complicated if you never printed from your phone or tablet before, but once it's all set up its actually really easy. Best part is you don't have to fight with cables and USB drives to get your digital documents into printed form.


I've scouted out a few apps to help you in your daily work and personal life when you're always on the go. There's no reason why you can't have your cake and eat it, too. When using these apps, it will help to have an Apple or Google cloud account set up. Click here to learn more about the cloud.

You will also need to know about AirPrint, Apple's wireless printing platform. Click here for details.

ThinPrint Cloud Printer (Free; Android, iOS) - ThinPrint helps you connect your computer smartphone or tablet to any Wi-Fi printer, so you can easily print documents. Don't have a Wi-Fi printer? You can add just about any printer to the cloud, so you can wirelessly print from anywhere as long as your home computer is on.

It's perfect for the on-the-go business person because you can have your documents waiting for you at the office or at home. There's no need to hassle with your computer and printer setup when you can simply tap a button and have your documents waiting for you.

Click here for ThinPrint Cloud Printer.

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