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Easily print from your mobile gadget

Easily print from your mobile gadget
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Have you ditched your computer for a tablet? More and more people all over the country are. They're finding that tablets and smartphones can handle basic computer tasks - and then some.


But one problem area is printing. It's often more complicated than it has to be, and that's why I've rounded up these apps to help you.

When using these apps, it will help to have an Apple or Google cloud account set up. Click here to learn more about the cloud.

You will also need to know about AirPrint, Apple's wireless printing platform. Click here for details on that.

Cloud Print - (Free; Android) This Web-based app will let you print from your smartphone or tablet whether you're in the same room as your printer or across the country.

Print n Share - ($10, iOS) This app prints documents and converts PDFs so you can print to most wireless printers. It even supports some wired printers as long as they're on your wireless network.

PrintCentral ($5, iPhone; $8, iPad) - Print to virtually any printer using Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth or a network connection without additional software. This app also prints over a 3G and 4G cellular connection.

ThinPrint Cloud Printer (Free; Android, iOS) - ThinPrint connects your smartphone, tablet and computer or laptop to one printer. You will need to add your printer to the cloud, and after that, you can wirelessly print from anywhere as long as your home computer is on.

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