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Get peace of mind when it comes to your finances

Get peace of mind when it comes to your finances

Need to save, pay off a credit card, get a loan or manage your monthly expenses? Albert is a new app that makes it simple to keep track of all your finances.

Imagine being able to take care of everything you need, all in one place. The Albert app makes this possible by working with financial partners, such as banks and insurance companies so everything is right at your fingertips.

Here are some of the main perks:

  • Automatically sync all of your financial information in one place - bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, even your property. Albert supports every major financial institution in the U.S.
  • Save automatically with your Albert Savings account, directly in the app. Withdraw your money at any time, quickly and with no fees.
  • Track your financial health and find actionable ways to improve.
  • Get an automatic, intelligent view into your budget. See your income, bills, and spending in one place.
  • View searchable, fully categorized transactions across all of your accounts.
  • Receive smart notifications that alert you when things are happening with your money – like a tax refund, an upcoming bill, or an unwanted fee.

Start by connecting your accounts to the app. It works with thousands of U.S. banks, so no matter who you bank with, you can sync your data.

Once synced, Albert reviews your finances and makes recommendations to help you get ahead. There's even an option to save money automatically in your Albert Savings Account. This account is actually a Wells Fargo account that's tied to the app. And, just like other savings accounts, it's FDIC insured for all amounts up to $250,000.

What makes this app different is that it connects you with vetted companies for all of your financial needs. That way, you always know your finances are in the best hands. It also gives you reminders and real-time prompts to keep you on track with your goals.

Albert is a free download, but it's only available for iOS at the current time.

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