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Easily create time-lapse videos


Time-lapse videos are amazing. You can watch natural phenomena unfold that would take too long to view with the unaided eye.


Sunsets, cloud movement and stars are some of the more popular time-lapse videos you’ll see. Watch dozens on breathtaking time-lapse videos on my site.

But what if you want to make one yourself?

Time-lapse pros use expensive, high-tech equipment to get their shots. If you want to try your hand at it, however, it only takes a few bucks.

Just grab Lapse It Pro for your smartphone. This all-inclusive app can construct a time-lapse video, add filters, add background music, and render your video.

This movie magic takes less time to apply than it does to film it! And you can even share your videos directly to YouTube, Facebook and other social sites.

But, you also need to figure out a good way to keep your phone in place. This flexible tripod will do the trick.

There are also plenty of low-cost tripod hacks people have come up with online.

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