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Instantly know when movies you want to see are available


If you're like me you've got a long list of movies you want to see. You use Can I Stream It?to find them on a streaming service, but they aren't available.


Don't keep checking back over and over again. Grab Springpad and its new-movies-I-must-see feature. Just jot down a list of the movies you want to see and it tells you when they're available on Netflix!

That's not the only list Springpad has, however. Create a list of restaurants and Springpad will find you reviews as well as directions. For recipes, Springpad can create a formatted shopping list and offer wine pairings. Write down products and get alerts when the price drops.

Plus, Springpad can create notes and reminders, you can clip articles and recipes from the Web, scan barcodes, add voice memos and bookmarks.

And it doesn't stop there. With Springpad, you can save your lists once and bring them up on any other gadget or computer. You just need to sign up for a free online account.

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