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Small jobs lead to big money

The Internet has changed a lot of things, including the way people work. You can now make money with micro jobs, and Gigwalk helps you do just that.


A national retailer, for example, might need someone to mystery shop at a local outlet and evaluate the experience. An automaker may need to know what a new parking garage in your town charges so the data can be added to in-car navigation systems.

Many jobs involve photographing businesses or product displays in stores. It’s how Microsoft is gathering the thousands of panoramic photos it needs for its Bing search engine.

Once registered with Gigwalk, you’re notified of tasks that come up in your city. You compete with other Gigwalkers and “apply” for gigs with a 140-character message.

As a newbie, you’ll make $10 or less for many tasks. But as your reputation builds, you’re shown increasingly lucrative jobs of $50 or more. Some companies invite experienced and reliable Gigwalkers to private groups, which is sort of like becoming a regular freelancer.

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