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Best apps to keep your family safe

Best apps to keep your family safe
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It's a big scary world out there, with an even bigger, and sometimes darker, internet. There are a million and a half different things you could worry about at any given moment. It's just what every parent does.

Luckily, your smartphone can help keep you and your entire family safe by keeping an eye on things. We've found a handful of apps to help you keep an eye on your older children and teens with smartphones.

There are two apps that are proven to help prevent phone theft, and an app that lets you access up-to-date information on what's going on around you, including public safety alerts and traffic reports.

Scanner Radio

If you like to keep up to date with what's going on around you, including public safety alerts and traffic reports, you could buy a dedicated police scanner. However, those can be expensive. Current police scanners on the market could set you back hundreds of dollars.

The better option might be the Scanner Radio app. The free app for both Apple and Android gadgets gives you instant access to over 5,300 police and fire department scanners, emergency responder feeds, weather radios and more.

And these scanners aren't just local. If you're so inclined, you can listen to scanners from all over the country, including amateur feeds, too.

Click here to download Scanner Radio to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. 


Teens want their independence. Parents? Not so much.

Luckily, FamilyTime Dashboard is an app that can help give you peace of mind while giving your kids some freedom. It does so by monitoring your child's location, as well as their internet and smartphone activity.

With FamilyTime Dashboard, you can get panic alerts from your children, get notified when your kids are ready to get picked up, and monitor their call logs and contact lists. You can also see the apps they are using and for how long as well as keep an eye on the text and SMS messages they send.

With the location tracker, you can get detailed history reports of where your child goes, and if there's a certain place you don't want them to go, you can set up geofences to exclude questionable locations and get instant alerts when those borders are breached.

If you're worried that your kid spends too much time on their phone, you can remotely lock their phone, keeping them from using it.

Click here to download the FamilyTime Dashboard - Parental Control App for free on either iOS or Android.

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