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Apps you didn't know you needed

They say necessity is the mother of invention. I wouldn't go so far as to call these apps "necessary," but they certainly are inventive.

Whether you need to break the ice or salute the gods of rock, there is, as the saying goes, an app for that. Who knows? You may find you come to rely on the offbeat sensibilities of these quirky apps.


Pet Pic (Free; iOS) - Pets are just way too cool for school. For every photo you manage to snap of your pet looking interested, there are at least a dozen aloof expressions.

Is it too much to ask for your furry friends to look at the camera? Not if you have this app. Pet Pic makes different animal noises designed to coax your critter into showing the lens some love.

Pocket Doorbell ($1; iOS) - There are plenty of reasons why doorbells don't make sense anymore: why wake up the whole house and spook the pets when you can shoot a discreet text message to whomever you're there to see?

The only upside to the doorbell is convenience, which this app beats hands-down. Pocket Doorbell senses when you're near friends' houses and pops up with a handy doorbell button. Press it and your phone will automatically call or text them.

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