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3 unbelievable apps

Apps these days keep getting more and more amazing. I’m constantly taken aback at what they can accomplish. Here are 3 unbelievable apps available now for your smartphone – and one that will be coming soon.


Google Goggles (Free; iOS, Android) – With Goggles, Google has moved from text-based searches to visual searches. Just point your smartphone’s camera at something. The app will scan it and bring up relevant information quickly.

You can find out who painted that picture you’re looking at. You can pull up a restaurant’s website by taking a picture of its logo. You can also point and shoot at a barcode for pricing and online shopping information. Google Goggles knows everything!

PaperKarma (Free; iOS, Android) – Tired of junk mail? This app promises to get rid of it for you in a snap – literally. Just take a picture of the offending mail, and PaperKarma will contact the mailer and remove you from the distribution list. You don’t need to do anything else!

Remember that junk mail often is sent out long in advance, so it may take awhile to see results, but you’ll see that flood of junk slow to a trickle.

Vocre (Free; iOS) Traveling to a foreign country is an amazing adventure – by all means, do it if you can! And don’t let any language difference stop you.

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