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Best Kindle Fire Apps

Amazon's Kindle Fire was a big hit this Christmas season. This cross between an e-reader and a full tablet sold upward of 5 million units in the last quarter of 2011.

The Fire uses Android as the operating system, which means it can run apps. Amazon didn't want to trust other, free-for-all Android app stores, though, so it created its own.

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All the apps in the Amazon Appstore are screened and guaranteed to work with the Fire. Still, there are quite a lot to choose from. If you have a Fire, here are some of the first ones you should grab. Note, these will work on other Android gadgets as well.

Alarm Clock Xtreme (Free) - This excellent clock app allows you to create any number of customizable alarms. Choose from built-in ringtones or use your own music files.

You can set alarms to wake you up gently with slowly increasing volume or blast you out of bed. This clock also can disable itself when it detects that you're off to work or school.

Angry Birds ($5) - It's no surprise to find this popular mobile game in the lineup. It's should be a staple of any gadget you own.

Unleash the power of the angry birds and destroy the pigs' castle. You'll need to use both logic and skill to destroy the enemy. There are 195 levels for hours of play.

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