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4 apps to get the best gift prices

With snow making its way across the country, it's finally starting to feel like Christmas! I'm always dreaming of a white Christmas, since it never really snows here in Phoenix.


Of course, that means it's time to hit the stores for gifts. You can find some great deals this time of year, but you have to know where to look. Or you just need a smartphone.

Don't forget the great gifts and deals in my online store! If you need gift ideas, I have you covered with my Holiday Gift Guide. It's got something for everyone, from gifts under $30 to gifts for photo enthusiasts and gadget lovers.

For everything else, I've rounded up a few great shopping apps to help you save big money.

Smoopa Price Checker (Free; iOS, Android) - Make sure you're getting the best possible prices with this app. Simply scan a product's bar code, select your store location, and enter the item price.

Smoopa will compare prices and show you the best options for both online and physical stores in your area. Simply pick the best deal to save yourself a bundle.

RedLaser (Free; iOS, Android) - Have you ever bought a gift only to find out there was a much better price online or at another store? It's one of the worst feelings in the world! It's also one you'll never feel again thanks to RedLaser.

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