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Apps to help you see better

Having perfect vision your entire life is a rarity. Many people have vision problems, especially as they get older or sit in front of a computer all day.

Maybe you need reading glasses or contacts. Perhaps your issue is worse. I have very limited sight in my right eye, for example.


Thankfully, modern technology can help you overcome vision problems. These apps leverage your smartphone to help you see better. If you know someone with trouble seeing, be sure to share these apps right now.

Magnifying glasses ($1 foriOS; Free forAndroid) - For aging eyes, a magnifying glass is an incredibly useful tool. Unfortunately, a magnifying glass isn't always readily available. Fortunately, your phone is usually within arm's reach.

Magnifying apps use your smartphone's camera to enlarge what's in front of you. If you have an iPhone, try the Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight. Android owners can use the Ultra Magnifier +.

These apps are ideal for anyone who just needs a little help reading close up.

Vision Test (Free; iOS, Android) - Optometrists recommend that you test your vision every one totwo years. Forty percent of the population, however, ignores that recommendation. Don't be one of these people.

I'm not suggesting that an app can replace a licensed optometrist. However, if you think your eyesight is worsening, test it right from home. You just need the Vision Test app, which features a number of tests to gauge your vision health.

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