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Find your lost iPhone or iPad

Find your lost iPhone or iPad

Having a smartphone or tablet stolen is the worst. Not only was it expensive, but it likely has lots personal information on it.


Thankfully, you can track your device online with Find My iPhone. You can remotely make the phone play sounds if you think it is nearby, even if it’s on silent mode. If your view is less optimistic, you can find your phone using its GPS coordinates.

The app includes Lost Mode, which locks your phone and displays a number to contact on the lock screen. Lost Mode will also keep track of your phone’s location history.

Now you’ll know exactly where you lost it or track the thief who took it.

Additionally, the app lets you wipe your device remotely. It might be too late to recover the gadget, but at least you can delete your sensitive data.

This app isn’t just limited to phones; you can also put it on the iPad, iPod touch and your Mac. Find My iPhone can locate these devices if they’re connected to Wi-Fi, and the Mac is awake.

This app has been updated for iOS 7, so you must have iOS 7 to download Find My iPhone. And you need to be sure this app is enabled in the iCloud settings, or else it won’t work.

Worried about losing an Android phone? Try this app. It does the same thing Find My iPhone does, except for an Android device.

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